Will my prescription for Eye Glasses work for Contact Lenses

Will my prescription for Eye Glasses work for Contact Lenses?

No.  The prescription type for eyeglasses and contact lenses is entirely different.

Glasses sit a small distance away from your eyes whereas contact lenses sit directly on the cornea (the clear front surface of your eye).  Each requires a different type of examination.  You will need to see your Eye Care Professional to obtain a valid Contact Lens prescription before purchasing any corrective or Plano contact lenses.

Submitting your prescription information is very simple.  Once you have added your desired lenses to the shopping cart, proceed through the checkout system.  In the Order Review section of the shopping cart fill in your Eye Care Professional's Information (name and phone number) and we will verify that your prescription is current and valid. We do not not ship out lenses in a specific size or prescriptive power based off your submitted prescription or Eye Doctor's information, we use your Eye Doctor's information to verify that you have a prescription for contact lenses and we ship you exactly what you order.  If you need prescription contacts be sure to choose the correct power when ordering your lenses, if you need non-prescription contacts choose "0.00". Verifying your contact lens prescription takes a minimum of 24 hours. Once verified, your order will be processed and shipped.


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