Do I Need a Prescription For Colored Contacts?

Do I Need a Prescription For Colored Contacts When I'm Buying Online?

If you are planning on buying colored contacts online you might be wondering, do I need a prescription for colored contacts?  The answer is yes, whether you are buying prescription contact lenses or non prescription contact lenses, you still need a Contact Lens Prescription in order to buy lenses.

Colored Contacts With Prescription and Non Prescription Colored Contacts

Getting a prescription for colored contacts is important even if you have perfect vision!  Vision correction or "Power" is only one of the measurements taken when an eye care professional examines your eyes.  The eye care professional will also measure the size and curvature of your eyes.  Not everyone's eyes are the same size which means some contact lenses might not be right for you. Your eye doctor should also give you personalized wear and care instructions.  Colored contacts are extremely safe if cared for properly and worn in the manner specified by your eye doctor.  Getting a prescription for colored contacts will ensure that you have all the knowledge that you need to buy, wear and care for colored contact lenses!

Below is an explanation of colored contact lens measurements.

BC:  is the measurement of the "back curvature" of a contact lens and is measured in millimeters.  The lower the number, the steeper the curve.
DIA: is the diameter of the contact lens, measured in millimeters.
OD:  is the abbreviation for "oculous dexter" which means "right eye."
OS:  is the abbreviation for "oculous sinister" which means "left eye."

Once you have seen an eye care professional and know your measurements you can shop for colored contacts with confidence!


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