Do You Have Dark Eyes?

Colored Contacts for People with Dark Eyes

Add a spark of intrigue to your dark eyes with a pair of colored contacts! Many people who have yet to give colored contact lenses a try are usually under the assumption that these tinted lenses will muddle or obscure the color of dark eyes and that they won’t end up with any change at all. But we’ve got fantastic news! Contrary to popular opinion, even the deepest dark brown eyes can be transformed into bright and sparkling new colors just by selecting the appropriate style of colored contact lenses.


Understanding the two different types of colored contact lenses is essential for making an informed purchase. The first type of colored contact lens is called an “enhancement” lens, which offers a transparent tint of color that is designed to enhance the wearer’s natural eye color. By knowing this, it is easy to understand why the color from this type of lens seems to vanish from or muddle up dark eyes. Wearing an enhancement lens is like painting in pale watercolors on a dark oil portrait. The second type of color contacts is an “opaque” lens that provides a thick layer of color that completely masks the wearer’s natural underlying eye color. Regardless of what color your eyes are naturally, an opaque color contact lens will cover the wearer’s natural eye color entirely, providing you with the opportunity to change looks in the blink of an eye!


Opaque contacts for dark eyes are not just a solid block of color; each style and color offers a mixture of hues and patterns that mimic a realistic human eye. If you take a close look at an eye, you’ll notice a variety of shades that are most often darker around the outer edge that become gradually lighter throughout the middle of the iris and edge of the pupil. Naturally, the center of each colored contact lens is crystal clear so that the wearer can still see!


There are several great brands in the colored contact lens market that are designed to complement dark eyes. When choosing your pair, take your lifestyle into consideration; are you looking for a pattern that will turn heads or do you prefer a more understated look? There are even colored contacts used for theater, cosplay, and Halloween costumes that will make people stop in their tracks and stare with mouths agape! These seemingly magical colored contacts create an otherworldly effect for dark eyes. From the beastly eyes of a cat or wolf to the menacing eyes of an elf or vampire, these colored contacts for dark eyes offer the absolute wildest special effects!


The ColorNova line of contact lenses for dark eyes is an ideal choice for men and women with dark eyes who are looking for something more daring. ColorNova lenses feature a daring starburst pattern in a spectrum of radiant colors like green, blue, violet, grey, and hazel. For a subtler touch, try a pair of Calaview lenses. These buyer favorites are also designed with vibrantly beautiful colors but feature a more underplayed pattern.


Now that you’re armed with this information about color contacts, you can feel confident in having the knowledge you need to make an informed purchase that will be most pleasing to your eyes and your wallet! Try a new look today and transform your look in the blink of an eye!