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  • How To Tell If Your Color Contacts Are Inside Out


    How do I know if my color contacts are inside out?

    So you just bought some brand-sparkling-new color contacts and are ready to put them in but you are wondering how to tell if your color contacts are inside out or right side out.  Don't worry, Color My Eyes is here to the rescue!  There are a few very easy ways to tell which way is which on colored contacts.  It can be tricky at first to tell which is the front and which is the back of a colored contact lens but the more you wear your lenses the easier it will get for you to tell.  Putting a contact lens on inside out won't harm your eyes, but it will feel uncomfortable.  If you do put your color contacts in inside out they will most likely feel irritating and might even pop out of your eyes because they are not fitting snugly.

    Before Putting In Or Handling Your Color Contacts

    You should immediately get into the habit of handling and cleaning your lenses properly.  Careful handling of your lenses and proper cleaning and sanitizing will not only keep your eyes safe and healthy, but will also extend the life of your lenses.  Begin by washing your hands with a non-cream-based soap and drying with a lint-free towel.  If you always follow this golden rule of contact lens care you are well on your way to being a color contact pro!  Follow our Contact Lens Care and Instructions for step-by-step details on how to disinfect your lenses, insert your lenses, remove your lenses, clean your lenses and store your lenses.

    How to tell the front and back of a soft contact lens

    After washing your hands, carefully scoop one of your colored lenses out of the storage case and place it cup side up on your index finger, as if you were going to put it into your eye. There are multiple ways to tell if your color contacts are inside out, but these are our two favorite ways of telling if color contacts are inside out or not.

    1. Is My Contact Lens Inside Out - The Side View

    Look closely at the lens, holding your finger up in front of your eyes so you are looking at the side of the lens, not down into the lens.  If the lens looks like a cup with perfectly upright edges, half of a ball, or a "U" shape, it is right side out.  However, if the edges flair out and look like a bowl with a rim or are a fluted shape, your color contacts are inside out.

    2. Is My Contact Lens Inside Out - The Taco Test

    Hold your contact lens, cup side up, carefully between your index finger and your thumb.  Gently squeeze the lens from the center, so the edges are free and the lens starts to fold in half.  If the lens looks like a hard taco, with the edges pointing straight up, it is right side out.  If the edges flair out towards your fingers the lens is inside out.

    If your color contacts are inside out don't worry, just gently flip them!  Soft contact lenses are very pliable and can easily flip inside out by them self in the bottle.  Always be careful and gentle with your lenses, they will flip back and forth easily but they can also tear if nicked with a fingernail or if squeezed too hard.

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    We hope this helps all our new color contact lens wearers and any seasoned lens wearers that wanted to learn a new trick or two!  Let us know in the comments below if you have any other tips or tricks for telling when your color contacts are inside out.

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