Non Prescription Contacts For Dark Eyes

Are you a dark-eyed beauty looking to give your eyes a color makeover with non prescription contacts for dark eyes?


The world of colored contacts can be a bit daunting at first, but once you learn the necessary steps to buying contact lenses, a few technical terms and of course care and safety tips, you will be a pro in no time!


Theresa Wearing Non Prescription Contacts For Dark Eyes

Let's get started!


First things first, if your eyes do not require vision correction you will want to get non prescription contacts for dark eyes.  What exactly does "non prescription" mean?  The term "non prescription" refers to "Plano" or "0.00 Power" lenses, in other words, the lenses have zero power and when worn do not correct or change your vision.  You do however still need to get your eyes examined by an eye care professional and have them issue you a prescription for Plano Contact Lenses.  According to the FDA all contact lenses, including non prescription contacts, can only be bought after obtaining a valid prescription from an eye care professional.  This is because contacts are considered medical devices by the FDA.  In order to insure the health and safety of your eyes it is necessary for an eye doctor to measure and check your eyes as well as instruct you on the proper use and care of lenses.


Okay, you have made an appointment with an eye doctor, gotten your prescription saying it's safe for you to wear non prescription contacts for dark eyes and now it's time to choose your new contact lenses!  There are many brands, styles and colors to choose from, the sky is the limit!  In fact, let's start with the sky, sky blue lenses are very popular with people with dark eyes.  Bright blue contacts for dark eyes might be just what you are looking for and ColorNova Blue or Europa Sky Blue would both be great choices.  If you want your other dark-eyed friends to be super envious of your new eyes you might want to try out Calaview Azalea Green Lenses.  These bright green contacts have a delicate swirling flower patten imprinted on them and are strikingly beautiful!

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No matter what color you choose, non prescription contacts for dark eyes will give your look a fashionable update!  Let us know in the comments section what is you favorite lens color for dark eyes.


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