Lens Buyers Guide to Choosing the Right Colored Contacts


Color My Eyes Guide to Choosing the Right Colored Contacts

When shopping for colored contact lenses, it's beneficial to have as much information as possible before buying so that you can make the most informed decision.  Not all colored contacts are the same.  Some lenses come in prescriptive powers, while some are only available in plano, some lenses can be bought as a single lenses and some can only be purchased as pairs.  With just a little knowledge, colored contacts can be your new favorite fashion accessories!  To help you out, Color My Eyes has created this guide to choosing the right colored contacts.

Buying Colored Contacts as Pairs or Single Lenses

Most of the colored contacts on Color My Eyes are sold as pairs, however a few styles, like the theatrical and costume lenses are sold as single lenses.  Selling lenses as individuals gives our customers the convenience to mix-and-match lenses for countless style and costume options.  It's easy to to tell exactly what is included for the price stated.   Just look right next to the price on each product page and you will see one of the following:

Per Lens - Means that the stated price is for One Single Lens.  One Single Lens is just one (1) lens for one eye.  If you would like to purchase a pair of lenses you must enter "2" in the Quantity Box.

Per Pair - Means that the price is for a Pair Of Lenses.  A pair of lenses consists of two (2) singles lenses, one lens for each eye.  Enter "1" in the Quantity Box to purchase a Pair of Lenses.

Prescription Colored Contacts vs. Plano Colored Contacts

Power refers to the strength of vision correction for contact lenses.  Measured in diopters, it is scaled in 0.25 increments and is always preceded by a + (plus) or a – (minus).  Plano lenses have no vision correction at all and so have a power of 0.00.  Not all of our lenses are available in prescription powers, but plano color contact lenses can always be worn for fashion or cosmetic purposes in conjunction with prescription eyeglasses.

Why Do I Need To Get A Contact Lens Prescription?

Whether you are shopping for prescription colored contact lenses or non prescription cosmetic colored contacts, you should know that you do need a prescription before purchasing any lenses.  The FDA considers all contact lenses medical devices; this includes all colored and theatrical lenses, even non prescription, Plano (0.00) lenses.  This means colored contact lenses can only be sold with the involvement of an Eye Care Professional. Getting a prescription for colored contacts is very simple and totally worth it!

Double Check Your New Lenses Before Opening Them

When you first receive your lenses check them out through the vials or blister packs.  Make sure you are happy with the color and design of your new lenses before opening them.  Due to health and sanitary restrictions our Return Policy states we are unable to issue refunds unless the lens vials/blister packs are still sealed.  If for any reason you think you might not be satisfied with your lenses you can return or exchange them if that have not been opened.

Color My Eyes is always here to help answer your questions about colored contacts and give general advice, but remember, always follow your Eye Doctor's instructions for proper care and use of your color contacts.

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Whether you are looking into purchasing colored contacts for the first time or you have been wearing colored lenses for a while, we hope this guide to choosing the right colored contacts helps you get the most out of your lens buying experience!


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