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  • Lens Buyers Guide to Choosing the Right Colored Contacts


    Color My Eyes Guide to Choosing the Right Colored Contacts

    When shopping for colored contact lenses, it's beneficial to have as much information as possible before buying so that you can make the most informed decision.  Not all colored contacts are the same.  Some lenses come in prescriptive powers, while some are only available in plano, some lenses can be bought as a single lenses and some can only be purchased as pairs.  With just a little knowledge, colored contacts can be your new favorite fashion accessories!  To help you out, Color My Eyes has created this guide to choosing the right colored contacts.

    Buying Colored Contacts as Pairs or Single Lenses

    Most of the colored contacts on Color My Eyes are sold as pairs, however a few styles, like the theatrical and costume lenses are sold as single lenses.  Selling lenses as individuals gives our customers the convenience to mix-and-match lenses for countless style and costume options.  It's easy to to tell exactly what is included for the price stated.   Just look right next to the price on each product page and you will see one of the following:

    Per Lens - Means that the stated price is for One Single Lens.  One Single Lens is just one (1) lens for one eye.  If you would like to purchase a pair of lenses you must enter "2" in the Quantity Box.

    Per Pair - Means that the price is for a Pair Of Lenses.  A pair of lenses consists of two (2) singles lenses, one lens for each eye.  Enter "1" in the Quantity Box to purchase a Pair of Lenses.

    Prescription Colored Contacts vs. Plano Colored Contacts

    Power refers to the strength of vision correction for contact lenses.  Measured in diopters, it is scaled in 0.25 increments and is always preceded by a + (plus) or a – (minus).  Plano lenses have no vision correction at all and so have a power of 0.00.  Not all of our lenses are available in prescription powers, but plano color contact lenses can always be worn for fashion or cosmetic purposes in conjunction with prescription eyeglasses.

    Why Do I Need To Get A Contact Lens Prescription?

    Whether you are shopping for prescription colored contact lenses or non prescription cosmetic colored contacts, you should know that you do need a prescription before purchasing any lenses.  The FDA considers all contact lenses medical devices; this includes all colored and theatrical lenses, even non prescription, Plano (0.00) lenses.  This means colored contact lenses can only be sold with the involvement of an Eye Care Professional. Getting a prescription for colored contacts is very simple and totally worth it!

    Double Check Your New Lenses Before Opening Them

    When you first receive your lenses check them out through the vials or blister packs.  Make sure you are happy with the color and design of your new lenses before opening them.  Due to health and sanitary restrictions our Return Policy states we are unable to issue refunds unless the lens vials/blister packs are still sealed.  If for any reason you think you might not be satisfied with your lenses you can return or exchange them if that have not been opened.

    Color My Eyes is always here to help answer your questions about colored contacts and give general advice, but remember, always follow your Eye Doctor's instructions for proper care and use of your color contacts.

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    Whether you are looking into purchasing colored contacts for the first time or you have been wearing colored lenses for a while, we hope this guide to choosing the right colored contacts helps you get the most out of your lens buying experience!

  • Before Purchasing Colored Contacts


    Helpful Info for Your First Time Purchasing Colored Contacts

    We know that purchasing colored contacts for the first time can be a bit daunting, and that's why Color My Eyes is here to help!  We have created this handy guide to help you through the process of choosing and buying color contact lenses online.

    Getting the Correct Lens Sizes When Purchasing Colored Contacts

    Colored contacts, just like eyes, come in different shapes and sizes.  Not every brand of colored contacts will fit everyone, and that's one of the reasons why it's very important to get your eyes examined by an eye care professional.  During your examination your eye doctor will determine whether your eyes require vision correction and will measure the base curve and diameter that will fit your eye.  Once you have this information it's easy to find the right colored contacts to fit your eyes!  On each product page the base curve (BC) and diameter (Dia) are listed under "Additional Information".  Make sure to double check this info when you find a lens you like to insure it will fit your eye correctly!

    Ordering Prescription Contact Lenses

    If your eyes require vision correction you can purchase colored contacts in your prescriptive power.  "Power" refers to the strength, or amount, of vision correction.  However, not all lenses are available in a power, but you can always wear colored lenses just for the look and wear your glasses for vision correction!  If you don't need to correct your vision at all and just want to wear colored contacts for fashion or fun you can order lenses that don't change your vision, these are called "Plano" lenses and are shown as having a 0.00 power.

    Why Everyone Needs a Contact Lens Prescription Before Purchasing Colored Contacts

    Colored contacts are considered medical devices by the FDA and consequently require approval from an eye care professional before they can be purchased.  Even if your vision is fine and you don't need prescription contact lenses, you still need to obtain a prescription for 0.00 contact lenses.  This is important because you don't want to purchase contact lenses that are the wrong size for your eyes!  Your eye care provider can also give you personalized instructions on the wear and care of your lenses.

    Here at Color My Eyes we care about you and your vision!  It's worth it to get your eyes examined and fitted for lenses by an eye doctor or eye care professional before purchasing colored contacts.

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    Are there any other tips that would be helpful for first time lens buyers?  Let us know in the comments!!

    Happy Shopping!

  • How To Tell If Your Color Contacts Are Inside Out


    How do I know if my color contacts are inside out?

    So you just bought some brand-sparkling-new color contacts and are ready to put them in but you are wondering how to tell if your color contacts are inside out or right side out.  Don't worry, Color My Eyes is here to the rescue!  There are a few very easy ways to tell which way is which on colored contacts.  It can be tricky at first to tell which is the front and which is the back of a colored contact lens but the more you wear your lenses the easier it will get for you to tell.  Putting a contact lens on inside out won't harm your eyes, but it will feel uncomfortable.  If you do put your color contacts in inside out they will most likely feel irritating and might even pop out of your eyes because they are not fitting snugly.

    Before Putting In Or Handling Your Color Contacts

    You should immediately get into the habit of handling and cleaning your lenses properly.  Careful handling of your lenses and proper cleaning and sanitizing will not only keep your eyes safe and healthy, but will also extend the life of your lenses.  Begin by washing your hands with a non-cream-based soap and drying with a lint-free towel.  If you always follow this golden rule of contact lens care you are well on your way to being a color contact pro!  Follow our Contact Lens Care and Instructions for step-by-step details on how to disinfect your lenses, insert your lenses, remove your lenses, clean your lenses and store your lenses.

    How to tell the front and back of a soft contact lens

    After washing your hands, carefully scoop one of your colored lenses out of the storage case and place it cup side up on your index finger, as if you were going to put it into your eye. There are multiple ways to tell if your color contacts are inside out, but these are our two favorite ways of telling if color contacts are inside out or not.

    1. Is My Contact Lens Inside Out - The Side View

    Look closely at the lens, holding your finger up in front of your eyes so you are looking at the side of the lens, not down into the lens.  If the lens looks like a cup with perfectly upright edges, half of a ball, or a "U" shape, it is right side out.  However, if the edges flair out and look like a bowl with a rim or are a fluted shape, your color contacts are inside out.

    2. Is My Contact Lens Inside Out - The Taco Test

    Hold your contact lens, cup side up, carefully between your index finger and your thumb.  Gently squeeze the lens from the center, so the edges are free and the lens starts to fold in half.  If the lens looks like a hard taco, with the edges pointing straight up, it is right side out.  If the edges flair out towards your fingers the lens is inside out.

    If your color contacts are inside out don't worry, just gently flip them!  Soft contact lenses are very pliable and can easily flip inside out by them self in the bottle.  Always be careful and gentle with your lenses, they will flip back and forth easily but they can also tear if nicked with a fingernail or if squeezed too hard.

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    We hope this helps all our new color contact lens wearers and any seasoned lens wearers that wanted to learn a new trick or two!  Let us know in the comments below if you have any other tips or tricks for telling when your color contacts are inside out.

  • The History of Colored Contacts

    The History of Colored Contacts - From Medical Device To Fashion Accessory

    Today colored contact lenses are one of the most popular fashion accessories for women and men.  Contacts being worn just to change the color of the eyes and not to correct vision hasn't been in practice for very long at all, considering the extensive history of the contact lens.  The history of contact lenses goes back farther than I would have guessed, and is actually pretty interesting!  Of course at the beginning contact lenses were invented and intended as vision correcting devices not as colored cosmetic accessories.  Once lenses were able to be produced fairly easily it didn't take long for theses little devices to become a huge hit as a must-have cosmetic accessory!

    Haley Studying The History of Colored ContactsThough the idea of contact lenses has been around since 1508, colored contacts meant specifically for cosmetic purposes weren't available to the public until 1987. Since the very first idea, submerging the eye into a bowl full of water, the science, design and uses of contact lenses have come a long way.

    Leonardo da Vinci first sketched the idea of the contact lens in order to learn more about how the eye changes it's focus when looking at objects at various distances. It wasn't until 1636 that René Descartes suggested a contact lens for vision correction.  Unfortunately Descartes's design was totally unwearable; a glass tube filled with water, that while it would help correct vision, would make it impossible to blink.

    The first wearable contact lenses were invented in 1887 by German glassblower, F. E. Muller.  "Wearable" is sort of a relative term here as these lenses were made of glass, very bulky, and no where near as comfortable as contacts are today!  The next big break in the history of colored contacts came in 1959 when Otto Wichterle and Drahoslav Lim, Czech chemists, made soft "hydrophilic gels for biological use".  It wasn't until 1971 that the FDA approved the softlens material.

    Finally in 1983 tinted lenses were introduced for commercial distribution.  Since then there has been many breakthroughs in the manufacturing of, and the materials used to make contact lenses.  Contact lenses are now more comfortable, more cost effective and come in a larger variety of colors then ever before!

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    We hope you enjoyed this little lesson on the history of colored contacts!  Let us know in the comments section below what else you would like to know more about!

  • Non Prescription Contacts For Dark Eyes

    Are you a dark-eyed beauty looking to give your eyes a color makeover with non prescription contacts for dark eyes?


    The world of colored contacts can be a bit daunting at first, but once you learn the necessary steps to buying contact lenses, a few technical terms and of course care and safety tips, you will be a pro in no time!


    Theresa Wearing Non Prescription Contacts For Dark Eyes

    Let's get started!


    First things first, if your eyes do not require vision correction you will want to get non prescription contacts for dark eyes.  What exactly does "non prescription" mean?  The term "non prescription" refers to "Plano" or "0.00 Power" lenses, in other words, the lenses have zero power and when worn do not correct or change your vision.  You do however still need to get your eyes examined by an eye care professional and have them issue you a prescription for Plano Contact Lenses.  According to the FDA all contact lenses, including non prescription contacts, can only be bought after obtaining a valid prescription from an eye care professional.  This is because contacts are considered medical devices by the FDA.  In order to insure the health and safety of your eyes it is necessary for an eye doctor to measure and check your eyes as well as instruct you on the proper use and care of lenses.


    Okay, you have made an appointment with an eye doctor, gotten your prescription saying it's safe for you to wear non prescription contacts for dark eyes and now it's time to choose your new contact lenses!  There are many brands, styles and colors to choose from, the sky is the limit!  In fact, let's start with the sky, sky blue lenses are very popular with people with dark eyes.  Bright blue contacts for dark eyes might be just what you are looking for and ColorNova Blue or Europa Sky Blue would both be great choices.  If you want your other dark-eyed friends to be super envious of your new eyes you might want to try out Calaview Azalea Green Lenses.  These bright green contacts have a delicate swirling flower patten imprinted on them and are strikingly beautiful!

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    No matter what color you choose, non prescription contacts for dark eyes will give your look a fashionable update!  Let us know in the comments section what is you favorite lens color for dark eyes.

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